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Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, Devil Survivor

Metal Gear Solid 2
The fact that most of it’s central themes were pretty much shit on by Metal Gear Solid 4's existence. The whole concept behind MGS2 revolved around speaking out against metanarratives, and one of the primary ways it did this was by providing no clear canon reading of the game's events. What was real and what wasn't? Did Rose really exist or not? Was Raiden even a character prior to discarding the player's dog tags in the end? Are the patriots really some sort of cloud-like entity that literally seeped out of the White House? Does any of this even matter? I mean, just look at these quotes from the ending:

- “There’s no such thing in the world as absolute reality. Most of what they call ‘real’ is actually fiction. What you think you see is only as real as your brain tells you it is.”
- “Listen, don’t obsess over words so much. Find meaning behind the words, then decide. You can find your own name, and your own future.”
- “I know you didn’t have much in terms of choices this time. But everything you felt, thought about during this mission is yours, and what you decide to do with them is your choice.”

This was a game that encouraged us to think for ourselves, determine our own interpretations of events and strive to become more than an amalgamation of our genes and memes. It did this by presenting it’s story in an atypical way, by subverting player expectations of what a Metal Gear Solid sequel should be and by utilising techniques such as ludonarrative dissonance and consonance, unreliable narration, and self-reflection. The ambiguity of its ending and the uncertain nature of its reality are not ‘flaws’ that needed to be addressed, they were paramount to the game’s message. By giving in to fan demands for a canon sequel, and thus destroying the ambiguity of Metal Gear Solid 2's plot and interpretation, Metal Gear Solid 4 completely defeated the whole point of the game.

Okay, so that ended up being a long rant about something I hate about Metal Gear Solid 4 I guess, but whatever.

Final Fantasy X

Devil Survivor
This can be expanded to pretty much all SMT games: the fact that its difficulty isn’t always a result of what I would consider ‘good’ game design. I love hard games, but to me there’s a big difference between games that are hard because they’re well-designed and games that are hard because they aren’t. The most important thing in designing a gameplay-driven game, in my opinion, is that a player should always feel like they could have done something to alter the outcome of a battle in their favour; that they’re in control and ultimately any failure is due to their own weakness as a player. Some of my favourite games have been ones that were brutally difficult but always felt like they were fair in the sense that I simply needed to get better at understanding and implementing their mechanics. Devil Survivor (and most SMT games) has a habit of forcing you into random deaths due to pure bad luck rather than anything you could have influenced. 

Shigure, TK, school food punishment, FFX, Japanese language.

Their apparent simplification post Sigure virgin? On one hand i’mperfect is a very solid album filled with some of the best of their aggressive side, on the other hand it feels like a regression after they started branching out stylistically after going major. I guess the counter-argument to this is that TK’s experimental side is now coming out in TK from. I just hope their next album isn’t the same thing again.

Most of his recent music hasn’t been as compositionally expansive as his initial work after starting his solo project. Some of the songs from Fantastic Magic feel like they have nothing more to give after their initial listen (i.e. fragile). Also, the fact that Acoustic Installation was relegated to obscure b-side status, and unravel’s existence. I’m also not a fan of how he’s being promoted in a somewhat idol-like manner as of late.

school food punishment
Anime songs that feel like they were written in 5 minutes. Namely futuristic imagination, future nova, light prayer, after laughter, RPG, and How to go. The exceptions to this are feedback二人海の底, and flashback trip syndrome. It also makes me sad how their first 3 minis featured a few ideas/styles that weren’t really expanded upon later in their discography. 

Final Fantasy X
The fact that it has a sequel and the obnoxiously long Fortune Sphere grind to prepare for the Dark Aeons, Nemesis & Penance. Also the fact that some of the tracks from the original OST weren’t remastered for the HD version.

Japanese Language
This is probably the most common answer that any student of Japanese would give; motherfucking Kanji. The fact that I could read and write Korean perfectly after only a week of studying, yet I still can’t read the majority of Japanese text that I see after years is ridiculous.


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